Robbery turns deadly in Suphan Buri: Man shot as thieves demand gold

A tragic incident unfolded in central Thailand yesterday, as a 42 year outdated man was fatally shot during a house robbery. Two unidentified males, one slim and the opposite fat, burst into the victim’s bedroom demanding gold. The culprits, who were helmeted and unrecognisable, took the homeowner’s gold jewellery earlier than fleeing the scene.
The incident took place round 8.30pm in a single-storey concrete residence in Sri Prachan district of Suphan Buri province. The entrance of the house served as a grocery store whereas the rear housed the kitchen and bedrooms. The lifeless body of the victim, Wanchalerm, was found in his bed room. He sustained a gunshot wound to the ear from a 9mm bullet, which had lodged in his neck. The ugly scene was awash with blood, and two 9mm bullet casings have been discovered on the bed room floor, serving as crucial proof.
Preliminary inquiries revealed that the house invaders have been two males, one fat man and the other slim. They arrived on a bike of an unknown model and registration number. Their faces were hidden by cloth helmets, they usually boldly entered the house, making straight for the victim’s bed room with none hesitation.
At the time of the incident, the sufferer was resting, and watching television with his wife and their six yr old son. The robbers questioned the victim concerning the location of the gold. The victim, pondering it was a good friend winding him up, responded, “I’m not feeling well, I’m going to sleep.”

The intruders then used their firearms to shoot the victim twice, causing his prompt demise. They then snatched a 5 baht gold necklace from his spouse and a 2 baht gold necklace from his son, which have been hanging on the head of the bed, earlier than swiftly retreating.
The victim’s wife, who was in the room through the incident, heard the gunshot and the invaders asking about the gold. She heard another gunshot, however being short-sighted, she didn’t discover anything till she found her glasses and noticed her husband lying useless, reported KhaoSod.
Kut Raksanit, the village headman, mentioned he was informed about the incident around 8.30pm. He described the deceased as a sociable one that loved cockfighting. His mom referred to as him, crying, asking him to rush to the store because her son had been killed. When he arrived, he observed that some objects have been missing, together with two gold necklaces, totalling 7 baht. The deceased was popular with his friends and villagers and he was pleasant to speak to.
The two intruders were caught on CCTV cameras. They were each men who arrived on a motorbike. The gunman was a large, stout man who stood over the sufferer and pointed his gun at him. When the victim woke up, he said…

“I’m not taking part in with you guys today, I’m not nicely, I’m going to sleep.”

The intruder then shot him and asked…

“Where is the gold? Give it to me.”

He then grabbed the gold and shot him again. This account was offered by the deceased’s wife.
The deceased’s 70 yr old mom, Thonghwaud, stated she was within the kitchen getting ready to steam hen when the incident occurred. Initially, she heard a noise like one thing falling, after which a second sound, which she thought was her older son lighting fireworks as a end result of her grandson was crying. She didn’t assume anybody would are obtainable in and shoot, she thought her son had shot himself as a outcome of she didn’t see anyone else. No obligation had requested her son to lock the house for her earlier than she went into the kitchen to steam some rooster. In lower than ten minutes, her son was shot dead.
The police are examining CCTV footage along various routes within the village that the culprits may need used to escape. They purpose to arrest the culprits and prosecute them according to the law. The deceased’s body was sent for an in depth autopsy at the Forensic Institute.
The preliminary reason for the incident is believed to be theft however private battle has not been dominated out. The police are waiting for the detailed investigation results.
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