Police seize over 2 million meth drugs in central Thailand

Police seized over two million meth tablets, along with other drugs, in Thailand’s central Lop Buri province on Saturday. Officers from the Narcotics Suppression Bureau confiscated 2,200,000 meth tablets, and 40,000 Erimin 5 drugs. Erimin is a hypnotic drug.
Police stated the drug bust came after police were alerted that a lot of medicine have been being transferred from a neighbouring nation, through Northeastern parts of Thailand to a vacation spot in central Thailand.
Police arrested nine people recognized as 20 yr old Kittisak Samwak, 20 year previous Kornwipa Traisu, 22 yr outdated Napat Khunhom, 22 12 months outdated Tatpong Guwasarn, 23 12 months old Woramet Saywakawong, 25 yr outdated ​​Watchara Onyem, 27 yr old Chockjaroen Kratnarong, 27 year outdated Tanaphon Uthaipoj, and 30 year previous Poopakeak Dechawong. One suspect, Kornwipa, is a girl, whereas the remaining are men.
Police arrested the suspects on Lomsak Road in Pattana Nikhom district, whereas the suspects had been transferring the drugs. Untold of unlawful possession of Category 1 and a pair of drugs with intent to sell, The Pattaya News reported.
There have been a few drug busts in Thailand this year involving tens of millions of meth pills. The greatest bust occurred again in January when Police seized 15.2 million meth tablets within the northern Chiang Rai province.
Meth continues to be the most well-liked, cheap, and readily available illicit narcotic in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia, where the artificial drug commerce is booming.
Last 12 months alone, a couple of billion meth drugs have been seized within the east and Southeast Asia, according to a report launched by the United Nations. It is considered the “drug of best concern” in the area by the UN..

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