Large seabird finds refuge on Nonthaburi roof

A large seabird found a refuge on a roof in Thailand’s central Nonthaburi province.
At 5.30pm yesterday, a sixty three yr previous Thai resident of Lebanese descent, Nadim Salhani, reported a large seabird perching on his home’s roof in Sai Ma sub-district of the primary city district. Nadim’s kids, 24 year old Kamin, and 26 12 months old Palisa, alerted him to the weird sight.
The chook was initially uncooperative. It had remnants of a rope still connected to certainly one of its legs, an indication that it had been captured beforehand.
The family soon recognized the creature as a sea eagle, a protected species native to the southern area of Thailand. After the household reported the fowl to native police, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation officers arrived onsite to seize the elusive bird.
It finally took the staff lower than 10 minutes to catch the ocean eagle utilizing a swing and web. The bird shall be examined for well being and well-being earlier than being launched again into the wild.
Recounting the incident, Kamin, Nadim’s son, mentioned that they discovered the massive chook when he was letting out their dog. The chook seemed to be making an attempt to drink water from an air conditioner pipe, indicating attainable thirst.
The family supplied each water and food to the creature while waiting for authorities to reach and successfully capture the ocean eagle.
Thailand is residence to a variety of vibrant and wondrous wildlife species.
No questions asked , wildlife officers in South Thailand’s Nakhon Si Thammarat province captured pictures of a uncommon chook, the good argus. Officials at Kathun Wildlife Sanctuary captured the photographs with camera traps. The nice argus is a species of pheasant from Southeast Asia and is listed as susceptible on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species..

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