Election fee offers Braille campaign guide for visually impaired voters

The Election Commission of Thailand has just lately launched a Braille guidebook to help visually impaired citizens in voting for the upcoming general election. This initiative, carried out by the Office of the Promotion of Citizenship, is designed to guarantee that visually impaired people are well-informed about the election process and can exercise their democratic rights on Sunday, May 14. The voting process is about to happen from 8am until 5pm.
By providing this Braille guidebook, the Election Commission goals to help visually impaired citizens in voting for parliamentary representatives freely and independently, without any stress or coercion. Additionally, it encourages the promotion of a democratic culture by which citizens are aware of the importance of political participation, following the rules of good citizenship and democratic values.
Authentic for the general election of parliamentary representatives has an initial print run of 1,000 copies. This material has been distributed to various organisations as follows:
1. The Thailand Association of the Blind, in collaboration with the community of visually impaired people obtained two copies per 330 locations. 2. seventy seven provincial and metropolitan Election Commission workplaces, which obtained three copies each, totalling 231 copies. three. 18 civic schooling and participation promotion centres, receiving three copies every at eight areas, totalling 24 copies..

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