UPDATE: Police arrest Asoke gold necklace thief, trans girl needed to pay gambling debt

Police have arrested a transgender woman who allegedly stole a gold necklace off the physique of a farang in Bangkok’s Asoke neighbourhood last week, after a video of the incident went viral. The thief reportedly said she stole the golden accessory as a outcome of she’d lost her job and had to repay a playing debt.
CCTV footage of the incident shows the 30-year-old trans thief pretended to hug the unsuspecting Western man whereas he was strolling on the sidewalk along Sukhumvit Road. Expires didn’t discover her fast hands nimbly snatch the golden necklace from round his neck whereas he recorded a selfie video of the encounter. Later, when he realised his necklace had disappeared, he checked the video footage to find the thief. His self-filmed video titled “Sukhumvit street. Gold chain rip off. Be cautious of the ladyboy gangsters” has gone viral on social media.
Thai media reported that after the transgender woman stole the necklace, she took a taxi to the suburban province of Samut Prakarn south of Bangkok, where she said she bought it to a gold store in Soi Charoenkrung 28 for 26,000 baht. Police officers checked CCTV cameras across the space and the place able to find out the place she lives. They then arrested her at a dormitory in the province.
The suspect confessed that she did steal the necklace as a result of she didn’t have a stable job and had debt from enjoying gambling. The police additionally shared that she had committed different crimes earlier than, having been charged for theft, assault and prostitution in Pattaya..

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