Trang warns of severe dengue fever outbreak, 2 deaths and 164 instances reported

Trang province‘s public health department urges citizens to be vigilant towards dengue fever as outbreaks become extra extreme, with two deaths and 164 infections reported, principally among children. Manifest are expediting efforts to get rid of mosquito larvae.
The province’s deputy public health director, Wacharananon Tin-naiaython, revealed that dengue fever instances have increased considerably prior to now two weeks, with 164 infections and two deaths, most of which have been in children. The hardest-hit districts are Hat Samran ranked first, adopted by Wang Wiset. The disease has spread rapidly across numerous districts and villages, affecting 25 out of 8,000 individuals or 25 per a hundred,000 citizens. Children up to college age are at high threat of contracting the virus, and the therapy for them is extra difficult than for adults, leading to much less beneficial outcomes.
Early symptoms of dengue fever resemble the frequent cold, and self-medication can be taken so long as the treatment is not used for greater than three days. As fevers rise, sufferers might expertise fatigue, vomiting, extreme headache, and especially in younger children, speedy signs similar to vomiting and dehydration, which may lead to a state of shock. Adults face similar dangers and often misdiagnose their fever as a standard chilly, self-medicating with out correct recommendation.
In response to the escalating outbreaks of dengue fever in Trang province, authorities are taking preventive measures, as this year is expected to witness extreme dengue outbreaks. The public well being division is ready with essential tools for treating dengue fever and gadgets for diagnosing the illness. They have devised a 331 strategy to deal with the outbreak: reporting cases inside the first three hours and eliminating mosquito larvae throughout the next three hours across the patient’s residence. Within in the future, the area within a 100-metre radius of the patient’s home is covered, focusing on breeding websites similar to colleges, residential areas, motels, factories, hospitals, and government offices.
In addition to those protective measures, a model new policy has been introduced to permit Local Health Promotion Hospitals to diagnose dengue fever by testing blood samples with speedy take a look at strips. This technique is similar to COVID-19’s ATK exams, which may shortly detect dengue fever and start needed therapy..

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