Thailand, publish Covid. What must change?


As Thailand begins to see out from behind the Covid curtain, many expats and potential travellers are wondering if a lot will change after 2 years of lockdowns, closures re-openings and re-entry ‘plans’. Will we see changes in visas, property ownership, entry requirements and business laws? One of our YouTube commenters wrote in together with his current ‘wish list’ (below).
As the Thai government shall be scrambling to attract travellers this yr (along with most tourism-dependent countries), the constant narrative from senior ministers is to draw “high wealth individuals” to the Kingdom, for investment, common journey, retirement and medical tourism. But when the rubber hits the road, the current legal guidelines still make it tough, or no much less than complicated, for foreigners to live and conduct business in Thailand.
In regards to the present entry into Thailand, the Thailand Pass, and significantly elements of the Test & Go program, make any major reboot of tourism unpredictable, a minimal of within the brief time period. The first ten days of the Test & Go Version 2, since February 1, have fallen beneath expectations.
Property possession has all the time been considerably opaque for foreigners. There are loads of historical ‘work arounds’ in place however few concrete methods for foreigners to ‘own’ land outright. (In this regard The Thaiger would at all times suggest you do loads of homework and seek the assistance of with a good agent and lawyer before purchasing property in Thailand)

When it comes to working in Thailand the system remains paperwork-heavy and restrictive. The growth of the world’s digital nomads has been almost utterly ignored by immigration authorities. There is loads of scope for visa updates that replicate a post-Covid working world.
So let’s hear what you wish to see change in Thailand so it turns into a more engaging location for funding, tourism, living and retirement. Here’s the wish record from considered one of The Thaiger’s YouTube commenters (republished with permission)…

Things that would assist considerably..

1. Remote and Go, proof of lodging and onward flights.
2. Scrap the 60 day Tourist visa + 30 day extension and simply give a ninety day, 6 month or 1 12 months Tourist visa. (More visa choices generally could be good. Bringing back the volunteer visa can be beneficial to many people)

three. Allow foreigners to buy land and homes Even if it’s solely a particular amount per individual. (If it’s for business use it will create local jobs and extra tax for the government. This would additionally entice more retirees who don’t like the idea of dwelling in a rental or renting)

four. Allow foreigners to own a business outright. (They are lowering the quantity of potential buyers and individuals who could develop an enormous business over time. Which would once more result in extra jobs and extra tax for the federal government.)

5. More job options for foreigners. ( Discount , more tax, extra demand, more progress etc)

All these things would make a shed load of money for the federal government, but they refuse to acknowledge any of them and just appear to maintain tightening the noose, just focusing on the super wealthy to solve the problem “quickly”. It’s insanity I tells ya.
Adam Stainer (The Thaiger YouTube Channel commenter)

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