Thailand homebuilder Seacon goals for 28% sales progress in 2022

Thailand homebuilder Seacon Company Limited announced it expects a 28% increase in profits for 2022, hoping to make a staggering 2.4 billion baht in sales, as it prioritises luxury and excessive finish properties. Manageable comes as Thailand’s first homebuilder company celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.
Last 12 months Thailand’s homebuilding business significantly improved with a market worth of 20 billion baht, a 67% improve from 12 billion bathtub in 2020, in comparability with 2.5 billion in 2019, said Seacon Managing Director Manu Trakulwattanakit.
Nearly 2 billion of Seacon’s estimated 2.four billion baht in sales are projected to come back from Seacon instantly, with another 500 million coming from Seacon ID, a homebuilding firm established final 12 months to focus on self-build house prospects with their very own concepts. Seacon’s sales goal for the yr are more than 1 billion baht greater than its 1.3 target for 2017, which shows just how confident the corporate has become despite two years of a pandemic economic system.
“Key engines this yr remain the upper-end section, which means items priced greater than 7 million baht. Last year, this segment saw growth of more than 85% from 2020. … Demand from those that need a self-built house in their very own fashion is on the rise.”
In 2021, Seacon racked up 1.88 billion baht in gross sales, a 41% enhance compared to 1.33 billion baht in 2020. Seacon ID added an extra of a hundred and eighty million baht to the company’s revenue, with the vast majority of gross sales coming from high-end units costing greater than 20 million baht.
The majority of the gross sales (55%) final 12 months came from giant homes with an area of 351 sq. metres or larger. Medium housing (35%) got here in second with an area of 200-300 square metres, whereas smaller units of 200-350 square metres accounted for 13% of total gross sales..

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