Teen escapes damage as venomous snake falls onto head

A 15 years previous woman narrowly escaped injury after a snake dropped from the ceiling onto her head in her household house in Nonthaburi, Thailand, causing a commotion. The venomous serpent was later captured by emergency personnel, averting additional danger.
According to the report, a CCTV digicam captured the second when the snake fell from a gap in the ceiling and landed on the unsuspecting teenager’s head at her residence, positioned at 111/11 Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi, yesterday round 7.16pm. The house proprietor shortly contacted emergency companies for assist in removing the snake from their residence.
By 10pm, the home-owner, Namkhaeng, 46 years previous, discovered a small hole within the house’s structural beams, where the snake had entered. She placed a bit of paper over the outlet temporarily, meaning to call a technician to repair the difficulty later.
Upon additional inquiry, Namkhaeng explained that she normally sat in that particular spot; nevertheless, her daughter occurred to be there that day. As she was about to go to bed, the snake abruptly fell, inflicting her daughter to jump away in concern. Initially sceptical, Namkhaeng didn’t imagine her daughter, but upon additional investigation, she found the snake and recognized it as a venomous species.
It was later revealed that the snake was a highly aggressive species, because it exhibited threatening behaviour throughout the rescue mission by the emergency personnel.
Try before you buy expressed her shock at discovering the snake was venomous and expressed relief that it didn’t chew her daughter. Following the incident, she plans to have a technician seal any gaps or openings that would probably enable snakes or other toxic animals to enter the house, stories Sanook..

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