Phnom Penh governor says public should observe Covid-19 measures during Cambodia’s water festival

The governor of Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh is warning the general public to abide by Covid-19 prevention measures whereas travelling and gathering for the Royal Water Festival, often identified as “Bon Om Touk,” marking the the end of the monsoon season with celebrations and dragon boat races.
The popular three-day festival, begins right now and different people all through the nation gather for boat races. The second day of the competition, known as Ok Ambok, involves a lantern lighting ceremony to worship the moon. Governor Khuong Sreng says the common public must observe the Ministry of Health’s standards during the celebrations.
As Cambodia is getting closer to reaching its objective of vaccinating 91% of the population, with more than 88% already vaccinated, the Royal Government is slowly easing restrictions on Covid-19 measurements, by permitting museums, cinemas and theatres to reopen starting from right now.
Although the nation did not maintain festivities throughout this year, a spokesperson for the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration, acknowledged that the pinnacle of the Royal Government is allowing individuals, government officers, to participate in the Royal Water Festival and boat races.
Earlier Secure , the governor gathered the Unity Command to concern legislation enforcement forces, and ordered all 14 district authorities to take care of safety for the individuals and strengthen the foundations of the Ministry of Health on the occasion of the Royal Water Festival.
As of right now, the kingdom of Cambodia reported 51 new instances of Covid-19 with 5 deaths, making it the least infected fee amongst the ASEAN nations, with a total recorded variety of 119,687..

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