Myanmar sees fast uptick of narcotics manufacturing, trafficking since coup

Illicit drug manufacturing and trafficking in Myanmar has quickly increased because the February 2021 army coup, when Tatmadaw (Burmese army) seized power and overthrew the civilian, elected authorities.
Giveaway from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime says, that over the previous year, there has been a spike in narcotics production, particularly methamphetamine, in the country’s Shan State near the Golden Triangle where Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos meet.
The evaluation comes amidst circulating reports from authorities in Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar that a minimal of 90 million methamphetamine tablets and 4.4 tonnes of crystal methamphetamine had been caught in busts final month, and the majority had been claimed to have been produced in Shan State’s remote border districts, in accordance with a report in Reuters, citing the UNODC.
The UNODC’s regional consultant for Southeast Asia, Jeremy Douglas, says methamphetamine production ranges had been already at extreme levels and there may be “no signal it will slow down.”

According to Douglas, the country’s financial system was battered after the coup and farmers in Shan State have no other option than to resort to opium production for their income, which can also be inextricably linked with conflict, with one fuelling the other.
Figures from Thailand’s Office of Narcotics Control Board show that more than 520 million methamphetamine tablets had been seized within the fiscal yr from October 2020 to September 2021, up from 361 million in the previous 12 months, though it had declined by 22% to 21.6 tonnes two years in the past.
According to analysts and officials, sure ethnic minority factions concerned within the illicit drug trade in Myanmar have elevated their territory. The United Wa State Army, along with smaller, allied militias, has advanced forces south in recent weeks, strengthening their territorial control over Shan State.
Although other armed teams are additionally involved within the commerce, a territory managed by the UWSA has lengthy been used for illegal drug manufacturing..

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