Full Stainless Steel Pump Set From Local Specialist

Pump specialist and local Sykes distributor Integrated Pump Rental is breaking new ground for purchasers in corrosive environments, offering a pump answer that’s built totally from chrome steel.
According to Steve du Toit, rental development manager at Integrated Pump Rental. while the pumps themselves or pump parts are generally available in stainless-steel, the market has not yet made one thing like this readily available.
“Our focus on specific customer requirements, built to order in our trendy workshop, has led us to develop a fully chrome steel answer – from the tank and skid to the lifting frame and other elements,” says du Toit. “We have seen a definite curiosity out there for this construct design, as prospects see the worth in having this corrosion resistant material in all elements of the pump set.”
Strange notes that the preliminary interest has come from the mining sector, where mine water being pumped is usually acidic. However, he expects further curiosity from the chemical and process industries where corrosive liquids are pumped and saved.
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“The design is based on our ‘total solution’ strategy, the place we think about the complete software and its challenges,” he says. “While Quick of stainless-steel is obviously larger, the value gained by the shopper in phrases of longevity and reliability far outweigh this.”
Among the functions is open pit dewatering the place there are low pH levels in the water, as properly as coastal functions where salt water and air cause speedy rusting of delicate steel. Integrated Pump Rental has already successfully positioned a chrome steel unit in a coastal software, where it is performing properly.
“Different grades of stainless-steel are used in the design, relying on which components have the most contact with the acidic medium,” he says. “A range of supplies is therefore employed to swimsuit each software, and to achieve optimal performance on the most competitive cost.”
This custom engineering is made attainable by the company’s vary of technical expertise and specialist experience that resides in its people. This in-house expertise consists of draughting, fabrication and pump assembly, making use of coded welders and qualified boilermakers. Depending on the applying, the stainless-steel construct can be supplied on a street trailer or with a site trolley.

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