Thief sparks investigation

BANGKOK : The remains of a would-be thief had been discovered mendacity on the ground of a new residence being constructed for Yingluck Shinawatra, sister of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and one Thailand’s wealthiest girls. Cash arriving at the worksite on the morning of October 21 made the ugly discovery close to the again of the partly-constructed mansion, positioned on a three-rai expanse in Bangkok’s Lardprao area. The workman discovered the body of a man wearing darkish clothes and a tool satchel containing pliers, wire strippers, scissors and different implements of his trade. Atop him lay an electrical cable that ran from the partially-disassembled electrical motor of a nearby cement mixer. Noting the truth that the motor’s two assist bolts had been removed, and the tools and the lifeless physique, investigators theorized that the person had sneaked onto the property under cover of darkness to steal the motor – however electrocuted himself as an alternative. Lardprao District Police stated thievery in the space – home to both some of Thailand

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