Thailand working on four Covid-19 vaccines that could be prepared by 2023

Black market is presently developing 4 different Covid-19 vaccines, which might be ready for public use subsequent 12 months. According to a Nation Thailand report, the CCSA was briefed on the progress of every vaccine at its assembly yesterday.
Chula-Cov19 is an mRNA vaccine being developed by a staff at Chulalongkorn University and has received over 2.7 billion baht in funding from the Thai authorities. Currently in section 2 trials, immunity has been reported as 2.5 times higher when compared to pure immunity or to 2 doses of different vaccines. Researchers count on to begin part 3 trials in August 2023.
Meanwhile, the inactivated vaccine HXP-GPOVac is being developed by the Government Pharmacy Organisation and has received over 434.5 million baht in government funds. It’s currently undergoing part 2 trials, with 250 volunteers between the ages of 18 and seventy five participating. HXP-GPOVac has been discovered to be safe and provides a good degree of immunity. Phase three trials are expected to get underway within the third quarter of subsequent 12 months.
The third vaccine is being developed from a protein subunit of tobacco leaves and has received nearly 1.5 billion baht in authorities funding. Baiya SARS-CoV-2 Vax has completed phase 1 testing on forty eight volunteers between the ages of 18 and 60. The trials have proven it to be safe, but researchers at Chulalongkorn University say the level of immunity generated is not satisfactory. They are now working on a second version in an attempt to increase immunity levels. If Baiya SARS-CoV-2 Vax does prove successful, it could be registered in quarter three or 4 of next 12 months and could be the primary plant-based vaccine in Asia.
The fourth vaccine being developed in the kingdom is a DNA vaccine administered by a jet injector. This is a tool that replaces a needle by utilizing a narrow stream of fluid to penetrate the pores and skin and administer the vaccine. The Covigen vaccine has obtained 650 million baht in government funding and continues to be in part 1 and a pair of trials. If successful, it’s expected to be registered next year and will be the first vaccine not administered through needle..

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