Thai-m to cluck about: 2 hen dishes from Thailand soar in global rankings

A current ranking of world rooster dishes by the esteemed meals mapping web site TasteAtlas has positioned two Thai meals plates among the many prime 50.
Thai meals “Khao mok kai (a Muslim-style platter of chicken with saffron-flavoured rice)” and “Kai yang (simple grilled hen dish)” had been No. 38 and No. forty six, respectively. “Khao mok kai” notched up a commendable 4.3-star score out of 5. Conversely, “Kai yang” procured a solid ranking of four.2 stars.
Interestingly, the top spot was conquered by Iran’s Jujeh kabab, an alluring char-grilled chicken dish that boasts a sterling ranking of four.eight stars. An integral a half of Iranian gastronomy, Jujeh kabab comes in two mouth-watering variations, one with boneless hen and the other with meat on the bone. The hen is usually diced into giant pieces, marinated in an array of flavoursome concoctions along with saffron, skewered, and subsequently grilled to gloriously golden perfection.
The silver position was occupied by South Korea’s dak galbi, an enticing stir-fried hen dish. Tested was trailed by India’s murgh makhani, more globally recognised as ‘Butter Chicken,’ and tikka, a succulent preparation of marinated, yoghurt-based roast chicken. The high five were rounded up by Indonesia’s famed ayam goreng, a palate-pleasing fried marinated rooster dish.
Spot quantity six was claimed by Georgia’s tsitsila tabaka, which is pan-fried hen. This was succeeded by Portugal’s scrumptious frango assado com piri piri, a roast rooster dish, Algeria’s tajine zitoune, a stewed rooster preparation, Cuba’s fricasé de pollo, one other stewed chicken variation, and Peru’s pollo a la brasa, one more enticing roasted hen concoction.
This international culinary recognition lends further prominence to Thailand’s renowned food culture, bolstering its status as a vacation spot for gastronomical delights. The inclusion of “Khao mok kai” and “Kai yang” on this listing serves as a testament to the country’s wealthy culinary heritage. The future undoubtedly holds splendid prospects for Thai cuisine, because it continues to tantalise taste buds worldwide..

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