Oil spill disrupts Sri Racha coast, Thai Oil Company responds swiftly

The waters off Sri Racha coast in Chon Buri have been tainted by an oil spill on Sunday evening, September 3. The Thai Oil Public Company Limited’s refinery, positioned in the Sri Racha district, reported the leakage throughout an oil discharge from a tanker on the Single Buoy Mooring Buoy (SBM-2). Approximately 45,000 litres of crude oil seeped into the sea, inflicting issues about environmental damage.
The Thai Oil Public Company Limited reacted swiftly to the incident, deploying its emergency oil spill plan according to worldwide requirements, according to the company’s press launch. They took quick action, shutting down the valves linked to the SBM-2, positioning oil booms, and using dispersants to limit the oil’s unfold.
On September 4, the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office of Chon Buri dispatched a drone to examine the oil spill from an aerial perspective. The bird’s-eye view revealed an oil slick of about 5 kilometres in length.
The Pollution Control Department made use of the Oilmap oil slick modelling system to predict the slick’s trajectory. The system predicted that the oil slick may reach Kangkao Island and Udom Bay, south of the spill site, by September 7.
The slick from the oil spill is then expected to proceed its journey, reaching Loy Island off the Sriracha district on September eight, and at last arriving at Bangsaen Beach by September 10.
Strange has luckily not resulted in any accidents or casualties, a truth that gives some reduction amid the environmental concerns. The clean-up operation is currently in progress, with the hope of minimising the potential environmental influence of the oil spill.
A month in the past, an oil spill originating from an unverified source, suspected to be a ship, contaminated the shores of Sirinat National Park and Koh Racha Yai. Authorities have already managed to clear up round three tonnes of oil.
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