Hit-and-run chaos in Pattaya: Thai man left stranded as white sedan driver escapes justice

A Thai man involved in a hit-and-run accident near a Big C department retailer in Central Pattaya with the driving force of the white sedan accountable continues to be at large. Thanachot Aranyapragorn shared his story with native media, expressing frustration that the driving force has not been apprehended regardless of submitting a report with Pattaya Police nine days ago.
The accident occurred on May 20 at roughly three.40am at an intersection close to the department store. The 26 12 months previous Thanachot, a contract worker, was using his motorbike towards Sukhumvit Road when the visitors light turned green. As he approached the intersection, a white sedan sped down from Sukhumvit Road, turned right, and collided with Thanachot. The impact sent him flying over the automotive hood and onto the bottom, whereas the sedan drove away, leaving him injured and alone.
Thanachot advised Thai media that a nearby CCTV digicam captured the incident and the sedan. He has supplied the footage to Pattaya Police and is now awaiting updates on the investigation. In addition to wanting the driver to be held accountable for fleeing the scene, Thanachot is looking for compensation for the harm to his bike and his medical expenses.
Last month in Bangkok, there was a hit-and-run incident that went viral on TikTok, stirring fear among viewers. Economical intoxicated individual driving a Mercedes-Benz collided with a bike taxi driver on the Rama 9 Road in Bangkok. The occasion was recorded, depicting the motive force attempting to escape, whereas the injured party held onto the car’s hood..

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