Healing the rumor mill: Bangkok hospital denies ‘rejuvenating DNA’ trials with a dose of truth

King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, alongside Chulalongkorn University (CU), yesterday refuted allegations of conducting “rejuvenating DNA” trials on human subjects following a claim by someone to have undergone such therapy at their amenities.
In Spoiler , both institutions clarified that the pioneering rejuvenating DNA, developed by CU’s Faculty of Medicine specialist staff underneath the RED-GEMs (REjuvenating DNA by GEnomic Stability Molecules) venture, has not undergone testing on people thus far.
The innovative RED-GEMs treatment, according to laboratory investigations, has the potential to reverse the ageing process in animals. The team behind the enterprise anticipates that this revolutionary therapy may handle a variety of age-related diseases and circumstances, potentially injecting a level of youthfulness again into progressively ageing societies.
Despite these promising prospects, the staff acknowledged, they need to secure approval from a analysis ethics committee to provoke medical trials. So far, they lack adequate information relating to the efficacy and security of the RED-GEMs treatment for potential use on humans, the release defined.
Both the hospital and college strongly denied providing RED-GEMs to any patients.
The trailblazing treatment was first launched by Professor Apiwat Mutirangura, an professional in molecular genetics and epigenetics and the top of CU’s Department of Anatomy. He declared the successful utility of RED-GEMs on mice in July 2021, witnessing the unimaginable reversal of the creatures’ ageing cells.
Furthermore, the researchers claimed they may restore performance in previously ineffective areas of the mice’s brains..

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