Food supply riders arrested for allegedly transporting ketamine, methamphetamine

Smooth sailing had been arrested in Bangkok for allegedly transporting ketamine and methamphetamine to clients. The suspects allegedly confessed to trafficking the medicine for two years.
Prior to the arrest, officers from the Children and Woman Protection Sub-Division arrested 9 people, allegedly whereas they were getting high off benzodiazepines. Officers seized over 420 drugs of the benzodiazepine Flunitrazepam. During the questioning with police, the group reportedly told the authorities that they brought medication from food delivery riders.
Officers in Bangkok tracked down two meals delivery drivers. 22 year outdated Nethi and 21 12 months old Raewat reportedly confessed that they have been smuggling drugs since April 2020. They would pick the drug from a dealer and keep it at their homes till the purchasers contacted them to make a purchase. They shared that they received round 50,000 baht per 30 days.
At their houses, the officers seized three kilograms of methamphetamine, 34,000 amphetamine pills, 300 ecstasy drugs, 1.197 kilograms of ketamine, two financial institution accounts, three mobile phones, and two Yamaha NMAX motorbikes, which had food supply packing containers on the again..

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