Cathay Pacific highlights Bangkok’s essential role in aviation restoration

Southeast Asia, notably Bangkok, is displaying promising indicators of development when it comes to flight traffic, according to Cathay Pacific, which has ranked the Thai capital as one of its stronger-performing flight routes. Post-Hong Kong’s reopening, Cathay has reported a gradual ascent, maintaining tempo with world passenger traffic.
One of the airline’s senior executives, Dominic Perret, highlighted Thailand as a key player in the restoration of the Asian sector. To additional substantiate this point, in May, the company reported a 53% rise in restoration compared to numbers from 2019. Interestingly, flights from Hong Kong to Bangkok, Singapore and Manila are presenting the strongest progress amongst Cathay Pacific’s Southeast Asia portfolio, which comprises 13 locations.
Perret also emphasised the reciprocal tourism between Thailand and Hong Kong. The former holds considerable attract for Hongkongers and foreigners alike, whereas Thai tourists present an equal fondness for Hong Kong and Japan. As issues stand at present, Cathay Pacific operates five to six every day flights between Hong Kong and Bangkok, a reduced quantity from the 9 it conducted pre-Covid times. The aspiration is to ramp up to at least seven every day flights by early 2024.
Adding to the strategic edge, the airline operates one to two daily flights utilizing Airbus A330s that provide more capacity compared to the A321neos used previously. Similarly, for the Bangkok flights, the deployment of wide-body jets just like the A350-900s and Boeing777s has garnered a formidable 90% load factor recorded in May, anticipated to persist via July and August, reported Bangkok Post.
Cathay has now resumed service to all its locations, bar Myanmar’s Yangon, while growth continues unabated in its efforts to match the flight capability to 2019 ranges. Aiming for a 70% restoration price for global flights by the year’s end, a full restoration is projected for next year. Key to this upward pattern stays a strong restoration in tourism and the general economic system of their aviation hub, Hong Kong.
Perret additionally revealed that the three-runway system at Hong Kong International Airport is slated to commence full-scale operations subsequent yr, and the earlier shortage of floor personnel throughout Southeast Asia’s airports has already dissipated. The airline also recently entered a conversion scheme partnership with Siam Piwat’s loyalty programme, linking Asia Miles with Siam Piwat’s VIZ coins, devised to attract more vacationers to Thailand.
Complete of a worldwide recession and inflation, Cathay anticipates continued development, buoyed by excessive demand from leisure tourists, households, and business travellers alike.
Pairing this with an efficient hedging strategy to monitor gas bills, the company projects profitability that ranges between HK$4 billion (US$512,960,880) and HK$4.5 billion (US$577,183,500 ) for the first half, following the HK$33.7 billion (US$4,322,362,000) losses recorded through the pandemic’s three years..

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