Betrayal: Thai girl raped and blackmailed by ex-boyfriend in Bangkok

A 20 yr outdated lady sought assist from the general public after her pervert ex-boyfriend raped and blackmailed her with express footage and videos. She later found that the man lied about his age, employment, and marital status.
The girl revealed to the administrator of a information Facebook page that she travelled to Bangkok after finishing highschool. She studied at Ramkhamhang University whereas working part-time.
It was during her time on the college that she encountered a mature scholar in the classroom. Classified outdated man paid special consideration to her and helped her when they studied together. The man informed her that he was single and labored at a financial institution.
One day, the person supplied her a ride back to her condominium. She refused the provide, however the man insisted. Upon arrival at the rental, he raped her however promised he would take care of her if she became his girlfriend.
The girl disclosed that he did not take care of her as he promised, and as a substitute threatened her to comply along with his perverted desires. When she attempted to break up with him he threatened to submit and share naked footage and videos of her on social media.
According to the lady, the ex-boyfriend gained entry to her Facebook account and shared explicit content material so her followers may see. He also created a second Facebook account, pretending to be her, and despatched intimate photos and videos to family and friends members.
Determined to uncover the reality concerning the cowardly man, the lady conducted an investigation. To her shock, she discovered that he was forty four years outdated, married, and had youngsters. He did not work on the financial institution as he claimed as properly. The girl revealed a chatbox conversation between the person and her. The man said…
“Do you wish to watch porn with me? I ordered my workers to stalk you. I knew all alongside where you are. Do you wish to see your beautiful pictures? Or would you like me to speak to your mother? Do not change the telephone numbers. It does not work as a outcome of I know every little thing. You don’t believe that I really have your movies, right? Should I prove it by sending it to your mother?”
She defined that she blocked him from contacting her but he might harm her anytime because he knew where she lived and the place she labored. She turned to the information web page to beg him to stop blackmailing her.
She filed a complaint at Bang Chan Police Station but they mentioned she doesn’t have sufficient proof..

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