Armstrong’s industry-first fire pump

In an trade first, Armstrong Fluid Technology has unveiled its Design Envelope hearth pump unit together with Fire Pump Manager, a linked service for tracking pump performance.
In addition to offering essential new security benefits, Armstrong’s Design Envelope fire pump holds the excellence of being the primary self-regulating variable-speed hearth pump to fulfill NFPA-20 (2019 Edition), Section four.8 requirements.
Insider for customers are the price financial savings and performance improvements that end result from eliminating many pressure-reducing valves from the sprinkler system,” said Steven Baird, advertising manager, Fire Products, Building Systems Solutions. “This design allows simplification of the piping design for a safer, extra economical fireplace suppression system.”
Other the benefits include cost-savings of up to £1,100 (US$1,500) per sprinkler department, per floor; increased reliability and safety; greater design flexibility; the power to predict and report potential equipment failure; and a reduction within the number of zones in a sprinkler system and the potential elimination of storage tanks.
“The Fire Pump Manager characteristic helps to make sure secure, reliable performance in fireplace suppression techniques, and offers complete transparency into the testing and reliability of the pump,” Baird added.

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