Anutin: US donation provide of 1 million vaccines never obtained

Apparently citing chain of command technicalities, Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul denied a report that Thailand didn’t reply to the US offering a donation of 1 million free Pfizer vaccines. He said no official formal notice of a suggestion to donate vaccines was acquired by his ministry.
Anutin explained that the chain of command for vaccine donations entails the United States Department of State passing on the supply to the US embassy in Bangkok who in flip conveys the knowledge to the Thai authorities to guarantee that them to reply to the provide.
The minister acknowledged that no such provide had come from the US embassy, so the Ministry of Public Health was unaware or unable to reply to the prospect to obtain 1 million free Pfizer vaccines.
He pointed as an example to the previous donation from the United States, which in August had made one other Pfizer vaccine donation to Thailand. In that occasion, Anutin says the ministry was notified in advance of the US donation intentions after phrase was acquired by the Thai Foreign Ministry who had been contacted by the US embassy relating to the donation.
Minister Anutin says that the Ministry of Public Health has been directed handy over administration and distribution duties of all vaccines donated from the United States to the Department of Disease Control though it is unclear if this was due to the possibility that Thailand missed out on a million-vaccine donation as a end result of bureaucratic chain of command red tape.
The authentic donation of Pfizer vaccines had principally gone to giving booster pictures to frontline medical staff that had beforehand obtained 2 of the less efficient Sinovac vaccines. The figures from the Department of Disease Control had stated on September 18 that over 915,000 people had received their third booster vaccine, although on the 19th that determine unexplainedly dropped to simply over 754,000. After Rich of hundred thousand injections being given the previous few days, the entire has now climbed to just beneath 1 million third vaccines administered..

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