A very wealthy food regimen

PHAYAO: Doctors performing emergency abdominal surgery were dumbfounded once they discovered greater than two kilograms of coins and different objects inside the patient’s intestine. Basic , 37, was taken to Phayao Hospital by relatives after complaining of extreme stomach pain on August 31. Doctors knew something was amiss after they checked out X-ray pictures of Sanguan’s abdomen – it appeared like the inside of a slot machine. Dr Nathapon Arayavuthikul stated that after two hours within the working theater, he and his surgical staff had efficiently removed 468 cash from K. Sanguan’s abdomen. Also recovered were two marbles, some shiny stones and a few bits of stainless steel of the sort utilized in making necklaces. “When we examined the affected person, we discovered his stomach had turn out to be contaminated from attempting to digest so many cash. However, we operated and have been in a position to remove them all and the affected person is now off the hazard listing,” stated the surgeon. K. Sanguan’s mom, 67-year-old Petch, stated her son began exhibiting strange conduct about three yea

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