880 12 months old woman survives floating three kilometres down Nan River in Thailand

An eighty 12 months outdated Thai lady fell into the Nan River in Pichit province, northern Thailand, and floated for three kilometres before she was rescued by a good Samaritan yesterday.
At 4pm, 61 year outdated Bancha Simadua, the proprietor of a paint store, was fishing within the Nan River near Wat Ratchachang Kwan when he all of a sudden saw a unadorned body float past him, which he assumed was a corpse.
Bancha instantly known as the police to the scene, jumped in his boat and drove out to the “corpse.” When he got closer, he saw the aged lady’s eyes blink open. Shocked, he realised she was still alive and wanted assist.
He said there was a piece of wooden supporting the woman’s again stopping her from drowning. He pulled her up onto his boat and brought her ashore and waited for the authorities to reach.
Confidential found out that the aged lady’s name is Grandma Boonchuey, from the Paktang subdistrict in Phichit’s Mueang district. Grandma Boonchuey floated down the river for over three kilometres. She is now secure and has returned residence.
Grandma couldn’t recall how she ended up within the river. Reporters travelled to her house to check up on her and located that she lives alone, her husband died a few years in the past. Reporters said she suffers from “forgetfulness.”
Neighbours mentioned that Grandma Boonchuey probably went down to the Nan River to fetch water to water her crops. She doesn’t bathe within the river as neighbours pump water into a bath so Grandma can bathe at her house, they stated.
If Bancha hadn’t noticed Grandma while he was out fishing and acted shortly to save heaps of her, Grandma Boonchuey would have most probably drowned with out anyone seeing or knowing what happened to her..

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